Seminole Chieftains handle Spiro

SPIRO — On one hand, Friday night's District 3A-8 game between the Seminole Chieftains and the Spiro Bulldogs at McClain Stadium probably should have been more lopsided than it was.Seminole is a good passing team, and it seemed like Spiro was running a zero coverage on the back end of its defense. At least three times, a Chieftan was running free and simply let the ball fall through their hands.But on the other hand, Spiro was having great success running the Wildcat offense with either K.J. Booze or McKinley Whitfield in the ’Cat position. Each time they touched the ball, something good and positive happen.Spiro scored all three of its TDs out of that formation, but it somehow fell through the cracks and the Bulldogs chose to go another route offensively in the second half. In the end, the Chieftains prevailed 34-18.