SEN. MARK ALLEN: The history of Senate Bill 71

We’ve received some constituent calls with questions about Senate Bill 71. The legislation was authored by myself and coauthored by Rep. John Bennett and would have allowed storage building manufacturers to move products to sales sites or customers for the price of one annual permit, rather than individual permits for individual loads.Out of 1,369 Senate bill requests, Senate Bill 71 was first known as bill request number 7, so you can see that we filed very early. The bill was introduced on Jan. 3, 2013 when it was given the number of Senate Bill 71.The bill was assigned to two committees on the Senate side: the Public Safety Committee and the Appropriations Committee, where it passed unanimously. The measure and emergency passed on the Senate floor with a vote of 44-0, and the bill was engrossed to the House on March 5, 2013.On the House side, Senate Bill 71 was referred to the Appropriations and Budget Committee (A&B), where it received a unanimous “do pass” recommendation with the title stricken. The bill passed on the House floor with a vote of 93-0, and was sent back to the Senate on April 17 with the title off.The Senate rejected the House amendments and a joint conference was requested. General Conference Committee on Appropriations conferees were named on May 13, where the bill was refused a hearing by the Chair.We want our small business owners to be assured that we sent numerous requests to the Appropriations chairmam asking that the bill be heard in committee. We sent e-mails and letters, made phone calls and personal visits to the Chair, telling him that all we needed was the title restored.We filed the same bill last year and were disappointed that it did not pass then and now. Undaunted, we hope to file again next year.Session is over, and I’ve enjoyed representing you in the Senate this year. Please do not hesitate to contact our office any time and talk to Grace about any concerns you have. Mark Allen of Spiro represents District 4 in the Oklahoma Senate. Call him at (405) 521-5576 or e-mail him at