Shady Point school will provide school supplies

In an announcement that’s sure to please the parents of Shady Point students, Shady Point School Superintendent Bruce Gillham announced Wednesday that Shady Point Schools will be providing all school supplies for its students in the coming school year.In a press release on Wednesday Gillham stated that Shady Point Schools would be able to provide school supplies to all its students thanks to donations from the parents of students as well as churches, former students, and the community.According to Gillham, donations of school supplies over the past several years have resulted in a stockpile of supplies to be used by incoming students. Gillham added that while the school system is always accepting donations of any school supplies, donations are strictly voluntary and are not required of any student.He went on to say that if there are any items that are needed that aren’t in the stockpile the school has they will be purchased by the district, but he doesn’t foresee that being necessary.“We understand the burden that purchasing school supplies can have on a family,” wrote Gillham, “This was one way we, as a district, felt we could help.”With all other school supplies provided by the school district, students need only bring their own backpack when they return to school in the fall. Gillham said that he wanted to make the announcement now because he noticed that some local stores had already put school supply lists out and a list for Shady Point was included. He said that he wanted to make sure the word got out to parents that the supply lists were incorrect and the district will be providing the kids with supplies for this school year.