Sheriff's Department seizes marijuana grow operation

The LeFlore County Sheriff's Department seized an indoor marijuana growing operation that appeared to be expanding, according to Sheriff Rob Seale. Seale said that, on Friday night, his deputies, along with agents of the District 16 Drug Task Force and officers of the Panama Police Department, served a search warrant on a home belonging to Steve Cox in the Tucker community. When officers entered the home, they discovered 36 marijuana plants growing inside a vacant bedroom. The plants were in various stages of growth. Along with the plants taken from the house, officers found several firearms, including shotguns, a pistol and a rifle and evidence that led them to believe they had located a counterfeit currency operation. “We seized a computer, printer, ink and paper associated with counterfeiting,” Seale said.According to Seale, Cox wasn't home at the time of the search and as of Monday evening, no arrest had been made.