Skate park nears completion in Poteau

Construction on thePoteau skatepark is nearingcompletion and plansare in motion for the grandopening celebration whichwill include demonstrationsby professional skateboardersand giveawaysfrom the Tony HawkFoundation and BellHelmets.According to park officialsconstruction on theHeavener skatepark is slatedto begin in about twoweeks as soon as the companywraps up the finishingtouches on the Poteaupark.Nashoba YouthFoundation Director LisaFabian said that donationsare still needed however tobring the projects to completion.The Nashoba YouthFoundation now has Poteauand Heavener skateparkt-shirts available for $15.She said that future fundraising plans include anenchilada benefit dinnerand a raffle for a NativeAmerican skateboarddeck.According to Fabian theparks have generated a lotof interest in our area inthe skate world.Monetary donations canalso be made directly to theNashoba Youth Foundationthrough the CentralNational Bank or by callingLisa Fabian or ReneeFarmer at HeavenerSchools or Becky Guinn atthe Central National Bank.You may also contactMarion Fry, Betty Ford,Joe Stacy, or BlakeNewman. All donations aretax deductible.