Spiro made bold move with new gym

I would like to applaud the Spiro School District and the citizens of Spiro for taking a step — a leap of faith — when they built their new gym. Spiro is preparing for bigger and better things down the road, plus they have been guaranteed the LeFlore County Tournament championship game again this season.They are telling their players and future players that we expect you to win many basketball games in the future, and maybe even win a gold ball. So, we are going to build you a facility that says we are proud of you.Now, that I think about it, did Talihina and Howe not recently build bigger and better facilities for their teams? The Golden Tigers were close to winning three championships in a row, and they won last season's Class 2A state championship — and have a great basketball facility, the Ray Henson Gymnasium. I just got through covering the Howe Lady Lions. They won a state championship, and they got a new facility. I am a firm believer in the old saying from the movie, “Field of Dreams,” — “If you build it, they will come.”