Spring break, here we come!

This weekend is the Wister Athletic department’s annual fundraiser. We are giving away a Beast LSV and six guns along with a lot of other prizes. A $20 donation will get you in the hopper for a chance to win all of the prizes, plus a meal for your family along with a good time visiting with everyone.If you have not bought a ticket yet, get in touch with me or one of the athletes at Wister. There's only a couple days left, and they will all be gone. This fundraiser raises the money to buy athletic shoes for many high school and junior high players. I hope to see you there.— — —Wes McGowen told me they are having duo crappie tournaments to benefit the Fanshawe Fire Department. One tournament will start on March 17 and run through March 31. It is for the biggest crappie caught in Wister Lake, and the entry fee is $5 with 60-percent payback. Sign up deadline is today at Fisherman’s Corner. You also take your crappie there to weigh in.The other tournament will be a one-day, two-man team tournament March 31 at Wister Lake, with sign up being at Ward’s Landing at 6 a.m. the day of the tournament. Entry fee will be $60 a team with 60-percent payback and $5 of that going toward big fish of the day. Weigh in is at 3 p.m.— — —There is a great opportunity opening up with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. They are looking for an intern to work directly on projects committed to species of greatest conservation need that are not hunted or fished in the state.The position is part of the Wildlife Department's Wildlife Diversity program, and will allow a student to work in fisheries, information and education and wildlife divisions and gain an understanding of how the Wildlife Department operates. It will provide a well-rounded experience over eight weeks.The program is open to juniors and seniors currently enrolled at a college or university. Applications are available for pick-up at the Oklahoma City headquarters office at 1801 N. Lincoln Blvd., or may also be downloaded online at www.wildlifedepartment.com. You can contact Rachel Bradley for further information at (405) 522-3087.— — —Cash, Koby and I headed out to Wister Lake on Monday evening to fish below the dam. They were letting out some water, and the sand bass were biting pretty good. We caught 17 in a couple of hours, including several weighing more than a pound. Cash got the big fish award for the day, catching a two-pounder on an ultra-light spinning rod. He had one heck of a battle with that dude in that swift water.— — —Turkey season is just around the corner, and it is time to tune up those calls — and get out there and listen for some ol' toms to gobble. We only get two weeks this year due to the low reproduction numbers over the last few years, so you had better close the deal when you get the chance.My schedule only allows me to hunt a few days due to baseball. I am going to do my best to get Koby a shot at one, while I’m trying out my slate call I got from Jay Neugin and Quachita Calls mouth calls. Turkey breast sounds really good right now and I can hardly wait.Dan Carter and I are going to spend at least one day turkey hunting together, and I hope to find time to camp for a day or two with him, also. He is my guide and lucky charm, so I have to make time for that outing.Next week, I am headed to Lake Tenkiller State Park with my boys and as many of their friends that want to go. Paula and I are going to let the boys fish, ride bikes, hike — and go geocaching there — for several days. Last year, we took a group of boys to Robbers Cave State Park, so we are trying a new locale for this year. It should be a lot of fun. Paula insists that we keep some crappie, and have a fish fry while we are there. I think I am going to find a buddy with some in his freezer, and skip the cleaning and go straight to the frying!Have a great week!— — —Email questions or comments to gmidgley_golf@yahoo.com.