Starting the new year with basketball, hunting

Happy new year to everyone! I welcomed 2012 in the same way I have been spending New Year’s Day for the last several years, taking my boys to a ball tournament. My good friend, Gary Gibson, coached a seventh-grade team, and Dallas Ward and I coached a sixth-grade team for a little weekend action in Tulsa. We have lots of great parents from here who drive their sons all over the two-state area to get their kids all the playing time they can. I would like to thank them because it takes several kids to make a team. We couldn’t do it without each other.The older group ended up placing second, and the younger group got third. I have a few more years of weekend baseball and basketball before my boys get too old. Until then, I plan on giving them every opportunity to get better, and get ready for high school.— — —Please remember to show up at Kiamichi Technology Center at 7 p.m. Tuesday. This public meeting is going to be about the Wildlife Department’s proposed regulation changes. Once again, the one I have issue with is the stopping of baiting in wildlife management areas. I believe this will make it tougher for the regular-working man to take a deer with his bow, and give a distinct advantage to those who have enough money to own land or have a hunting lease. Everyone also needs to go online and leave a comment about this very thing before Jan. 13 at— — —One of my fourth-grade ball players at Wister, Jett Carver, took his first wild hog during Christmas break with his .223 rifle. His dad, Waylon, spotted the hogs, and took Jett down to where they were last seen. Jett made good on the shot, taking a pretty big sow with one bullet. Good job, Jett!— — —E-mail questions or comments to