State official spends time in LeFlore County

State Superintendent Janet Barresi was in LeFlore County on Friday to tour a local school that has taken on a big project, she also spent time with Superintendent's from all over the county. Barresi was invited to tour the Howe school district by Howe Superintendent Scott Parks. Parks wanted to show case a special 10 week project taken on by the Howe High School. This semester, the 147 students from freshmen up through seniors are undertaking “Project Lion Pride” — which is a way for students to show their feelings for their school.“The goal of the project is to answer the question, 'What would make you more proud of your school?' or 'How can we make our school better?,' said Tammy Parks, who is the technical coordinator for Howe Public Schools as well as a teacher of broadcast journalism. “So, the students are coming up with a presentation, or actually a proposal, on how to increase school pride — whether it be a recycling campaign or building something. It's totally up to each group. Each group is coming up with a proposal. These teams will make their presentations in front of a panel of judges (May 3-4), and the winning team will be awarded $1,000 to be used in the completion of their winning project. They will also get a cash prize for their team members, and a trip to the state capitol in May 7 to show their project.”