State unemployment edging higher in May

Unemployment was on the rise across Oklahoma during the month of May, but only by one-tenth of a percentage point, according to statistics released from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission on Friday. According to OESC, this it the first time since July 2012, Oklahoma reported an over-the-moth unemployment rate increase.The national unemployment rate also rose 0.1 percent over a 30-day period closing at 7.6 percent at the end of May. Oklahoma's unemployment rate during the month increased to 5 percent.Oklahoma's seasonally adjusted employment saw an expansion in the work force during the month, with an increase of 21.380 workers (1.3 percent) since May 2012. Nonfarm employment in Oklahoma declined 0.1 percent by reducing 1,300 jobs during the month. The unemployment rates for LeFlore County are scheduled to be released by OESC on July 2.