Stop to smell the roses and watch the squirrels

Every year about this time, I find that I can’t concentrate on much of anything other than the weather — hoping for cooler temps. It is less than a month until the opening of bow season, and that means I will be sitting for hours in a tree stand enjoying the quiet fall woods.There is just something about being a bystander and watching nature unfold in front of you. It is not just about “shooting a deer,” but enjoying the birds and other animals living their lives as if there are no people in the whole wide world.There are many hunting situations that will allow kids to shoot a lot. Dove hunting is one of them. It is very entertaining because kids can talk, and do not have to be quiet and sit still for long periods of time. I think that it is still important to make sure they enjoy all the wonders of nature. The next time you take a kid hunting, make sure you stress smelling the roses and watching the squirrels along the way.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to