Students given a taste of what drunk driving can do

Every 51 minutes, one person is dying due to an alcohol related crash. This statistic was dramatically demonstrated to Bokoshe students Wednesday afternoon during Bokoshe Public Schools drunk driving awareness day.Arkoma Chief of Police Daniel New and Arkoma police officer John Buszek spent the day at the high school educating students on the dangers of drunk driving. A short presentation was given during the morning and the all day, the Grim Reaper stalked the halls, pulling students out of class to represent a death due to an alcohol related accident.The day finished with with a mock accident at the school where one person was injured, and another died.Assisting in awareness day were the Bokoshe Police Department, Bokoshe Fire Department, Mallory-Martin Funeral Home, and LeFlore County Emergency Medical Services. Dave Grovdahl, LCEMS Director, spoke to the assembled students at the mock accident.Grovdahl revealed that at age 16, soon after getting his first car, he himself was struck by a drunk driver. Grovdahl said that in his experience as an emergency medical technician, he had never once seen anything positive come out of drinking and driving and further stated that when a drunk driver is prosecuted, he does all he can to ensure a conviction.Another drunk driving awareness presentation will be held at Arkoma Public Schools on April 4.