Task Force Sweeps County

A two day joint task force operation to ensure compliance of sex offenders located in LeFlore County came to a close Friday afternoon after 98 registered sex offenders were visited. The United States Marshals Service, along with the LeFlore County Sheriff's Department, investigators with the District 16 District Attorney's Office, Poteau Police Department and the Department of Human Services met at the LeFlore County Courthouse Thursday morning to discuss the operation and the goals intended to be achieved.The compliance operation was set in motion to confirm the address of registered sex offenders, making sure by home visits they were residing where they reported and to confirm they were not in violation of any rules and conditions of the sex offenders registration act.The task force separated into ten teams, each team with information files on offenders they were designated to locate and visit with. The teams covered LeFlore County in its entirety and after visiting nearly 100 offenders, they found 76 offenders in compliance, two offenders were arrested for noncompliance, five offenders who had outstanding warrants for their arrest where unable to be located and two offenders had recently passed away. According to Sheriff Bruce Curnutt, the task force learned that another offender they were unable to locate had possibly moved out of state and they have requested a warrant for the person's arrest and contacted the local authorities about the offenders possible location.According to the Department of Corrections, there are 89 registered offenders in LeFlore county. The nine additional offenders have relocated to Oklahoma from other states and are required to be registered in the city and/or county they live in. Of those offenders throughout the county there are three habitual offenders and 38 aggravated offenders. all but one of the registered offenders is male.If you would like more information regarding sex offenders in LeFlore County you can visit the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website and review names, addresses and level of offense in their sex offenders database.