TCSB expands Wister branch

The Community StateBank is expanding with anew branch location inWister.Construction on the newbranch facility has begunat 405 Highway 271. Thisnew facility will have asingle commercial drivethrough lane and two otherdrive through lanes forprivate banking. Also atthe new location will bean automated tellermachine. Construction onthe new facility is slatedfor completion in April of2012.The Community StateBank purchased the FirstState Bank of Wister inJune of 1999 and madeimprovements to the existingfacility, however, afundamental lack of spacehad impeded the bankfrom providing availableservices that exist at TheCommunity State Bank’salternate locations.The new banking facilitywill afford several newopportunities to both thebank and its customers inthe Wister community. Inaddition, the current Wisterbranch of The Community State Bankfacility will be donated to the WisterLibrary, currently the smallest publiclibrary in the state of Oklahoma.Head Librarian Leslie Langley hasexpressed that she has many plans for thenewfound extra space being made availableto her at CSB’s former Wister facility.Once the bank has made the move totheir new location, the library will begintheir occupation of the old facility.