Thinking of you, brother Eddie

While I'll get to the usual “meat and potatoes” of this weekly column in a bit, I need to share my thoughts about my fellow church member, brother Eddie Epstein.I found out Wednesday night at prayer meeting at my church, Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, that brother Eddie was diagnosed with cancer.From my first visit to the church as a visitor upon my arrival to Poteau in the last week of June 2010 when I became sports editor at The Poteau Daily News until now, brother Eddie kept me on my toes as far as sports was concerned — especially about Spiro, for which he played under coach Chris Bunch.During the football season, every Sunday morning before our morning worship service began, he'd ask what happened to his Bulldogs if they lost or being in a joyful mood because they won the Friday night before. He literally kept me on my toes — and then some. Folks, I know some of you may not think anyone needs to do that, but believe you me — it's welcomed. I do need help every now and then.Needless to say, I was saddened to hear word Wednesday night about brother Eddie's condition.Brother Eddie, I hope if you get a chance to read this column, that it perked you up, and that yours truly and your fellow church family are keeping you in our prayers.Still HavingEmail ProblemsAs of Friday afternoon, I still cannot receive emails to my work email, — although I can send to my little hearts content.So, anyone wishing to contact me electronically, please send emails to or you can contact me through Facebook.