Tulsa author's heart still in Poteau

The second book from an Oklahoma author who’s from the area now has even more ties to LeFlore County.Author Joe Harwell of Tulsa was in Poteau in February for a book signing at the Lowrey Hotel. While in the area he had dinner with Jack Holt of Jack’s Jewelry. The two are old friends and graduated together. Harwell asked Holt to design a pendant to match the cover of his second book “Upside Down Heart.” Holt accepted the opportunity and worked with his jewelerSawn Hinson to create the delicateheart and ruby pendant depicted on the cover of the book. The finished product is now on display in his showroom in Poteau.Holt said he and his staff really enjoyed working on the piece and have now created several, which are for sale. Harwell has granted Jack’s Jewelry the exclusive rights to sell the pendants.“Upside Down Heart” is the secondbook of Harwell’s Indian Rock Vampire series which follows Michelle Sands and the sisterhood of The Upside Down Heart Society as they continue using the power inherited from ancient Vampire Glome. Religious and political leaders and the powerful group L’ordre de l’Aigle are determined to possess their power or destroy them. Each member of the growing sisterhood brings her own unique abilities to protect herself and the group.Historical events such as the devastatingtornado which struck Howe in 1961 and a presidential visit to the area the same year add to this unusual, character driven twist on the classic vampire story. The theme of power and how it is used in all levels of societycontinue throughout this series along with love, greed, death, finance, politics and religion.Since the release of his first novel in 2009, Harwell has also given hundredsof copies of his books to librariesand various fundraising projects. Through September 2012 he’s taking his generosity to another level by givingone copy of his books to an Oklahoma library for each copy purchaseddirectly from him through an offer on his web site.Harwell, who grew up in Poteau said, “Library budgets have been hit especially hard in the last few years. Many have no money at all to acquire new books. This is a win-win for my readers and libraries.”Harwell kicked off his Get One, Give One program on his visit to Poteau in February and said it continuesto do well.A native of LeFlore County, Harwell draws from actual locations and events in his writing.Harwell’s third novel “One Drug” was published last fall and is a futuristic thriller set in the year 2052.“It’s very fast paced,” Harwell said. “Much of the action takes place in easternOklahoma in a dystopianfuture with China as the world power.”Order forms for Harwell’s Get One, Give One programmay be found on his website, www.indianrockvampire.com. Those interestedmay print out and complete the form and mail it to the address included on the form. Payment must be sent with the completed form. When Harwell receives the form and payment,the buyer is sent his/her book and an Oklahoma library, literacy program or other nonprofit entity will receive a free copy of the same book. Readers may designate where they want their matching books sent.“If desired, both the purchasedcopy and the matchingcopy may be sent to a library at the request of the buyer,” Harwell stated.The pendants are availablefor purchase Jack’s Jewelers in Poteau. For more information call (918) 647-2701.