Two accused murderers return for trial

Two men accused ofmurder have been returnedto LeFlore County to standtrial.Kevin Paul Statham,50, and Suhail MohammadShanti, 48, have both beenaccused of separate murdersin LeFlore County.They were both apprehendedin the northernUnited States and recentlytransported to the LeFloreCounty Detention Center.Statham is accused ofthe murder of his motherand father in June. Aspreviously reported byPDN, Paul Statham, 70,and Helen Statham, 69,were found dead fromapparent gunshot woundsat their home on OldBokoshe Rd. after theirother son became concernedwhen he was unableto contact them.According to informationreleased by the OSBIand Sheriff’s Department,the son contacted a nephewwho lived nearby andasked him to check on thecouple. The nephew wentto their home and foundHelen Statham dead in theback yard. He dialed 911and notified the Sheriff’sDepartment of the discovery.Reportedly when deputiesarrived they locatedthe body of Paul Statham,also deceased, inside thehome.The OSBI was notifiedby the Sheriff’s Departmentof the crime and an investigationensued whichsoon revealed the victims’1993 Chevy Z71 fourwheel drive pickup wasmissing from the residence.The truck wasdescribed as green on topand bottom with a tan orsilver stripe in the middledisplaying Oklahomaplates 727EMF.Authorities begansearching for KevinStatham, the couple’s son,for questioning in the murderof his parents. Within24 hours the LeFloreCounty Sheriff ’sDepartment was notifiedthat Kevin Statham hadbeen arrested during atraffic stop in Lakota, ND.Statham refused to sign awaiver of extradition toreturn to Oklahoma tostand trial for his parentsmurder so the LeFloreCounty District Attorney’sOffice began proceedingsto obtain a Governor’sWarrant to bring him backwithout his consent.Shanti disappearedmore than 27 years agoafter he was a suspect inthe shooting death of afellow classmate. OnFriday, December 9, 1983,Mohamed Ayman Al-Zein,an international student atCarl Albert Junior College,was found dead in hisapartment by his roommate. Poteau PoliceOfficers responded to thecall and arrived to findAl-Zein shot twice in theback and struck once inthe front of the head witha club and once in theback of the head.Shanti was arrested onan outstanding warrant forfirst degree murder issuedby LeFlore County afterBorder Patrol Officialsdiscovered he was a fugitive. Shanti, who had possiblybeen living in the Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada,area, had applied for a Nexus pass which involved adetailed identification check. The pass is issued to travelerswho frequently cross the U.S. / Canadian border.Shanti also refused to sign extredition to return toOklahoma and a Governor’s Warrant was issued.Both men are now being detained at the LeFloreCounty Detention Center awaiting trial for murder.