Voters decide statewide, local races today

Ken Milam
News Editor

As of Monday, 165,598 Oklahomans had cast mail or in-person absentee ballots for today’s [Nov. 6] general election.

Polling places around the county will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today.

Several statewide races are on the ballot, including governor, as well as legislative and county races, five state questions and judicial retention choices.

Absentee ballots in LeFlore County totaled 1,547, according to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Of those. 1,303 were cast in person at the county election board office Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Of the total, 744 were Democrat, 684 Republican, 115 Independent and four Libertarian.

At the state level, Republicans led the totals with 84,111 votes. Democrats tallied 67,338, Independents 13,667 and Libertarians 482.

State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said that is more than the last midterm election in 2014, when fewer than 70,000 early ballots were cast.

Election officials are predicting this year’s turnout will be significantly greater than 2014, and earlier reported a spike in voter registration and record turnout for the state’s primary election in June.

Offices and questions of LeFlore County ballots will vary, depending on House and Senate Districts.

They include:

State Officers
Chris Powell, Libertarian
Kevin Stitt, Republican
Drew Edmondson, Democrat

Lieutenant Governor
Matt Pinnell, Republican
Anastasia A. Pittman, Democrat
Ivan Holmes, Independent

State Auditor
and Inspector
John Yeutter, Libertarian
Cindy Byrd, Republican

Attorney General
Mike Hunter, Republican
Mark Myles, Democrat

State Treasurer
Randy McDaniel, Republican
Charles De Coune, Independent

of Public Instruction
Joy Hofmeister, Republican
John Cox, Democrat
Larry Huff, Independent

Commissioner of Labor
Leslie Osborn, Republican
Fred Dorrell, Democrat
Brandt Dismukes, Independent

Glen Mulready, Republican
Kimberly Fobbs, Democrat

Bob Anthony, Republican
Ashley Nicole Mccray, Democrat
Jackie Short, Independent

Congressional Officers
U.S. Representative, District 02
Richard Castaldo, Libertarian
Markwayne Mullin, Republican
Jason Nichols, Democrat
John Foreman, Independent

Legislative, District
and County Officers
State Senator, District 4
Mark Dean Allen, Republican
Eddie Martin, Democrat

State Representative, District 3
Lundy Kiger, Republican
Troy Dyer, Democrat

State Representative, District 15
Randy Randleman, Republican
Judy Ross Moore, Democrat

State Representative, District 17
Jim Grego, Republican
Peggy Defrange, Democrat

County Assessor
Gaylon E. Freeman, Republican
Brenda Cockburn, Democrat

County Commissioner District No. 1
Paul Dunn, Republican
Derwin Gist, Democrat

County Commissioner District No. 3
Roy Hall, Republican
Craig Olive, Democrat

Judicial Retention
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 7
District 1
District 4
District 5
District 4 - Office 1
District 5 - Office 1
District 5 - Office 2
District 6 - Office 1
District 6 - Office 2

State Questions
State Question 793 — allows optometrists and opticians to operate in retail stores.
State Question 794 — expands the constitutional rights of crime victims.
State Question 798 — provides for a joint ticket for governor and lieutenant governor.
State Question 800 — creates a fund for the investment of 5 percent of oil and gas development tax revenue.
State Question 801 — allows certain property taxes to fund school operations.


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