Week celebrating Main Street declared by Governer

A movement toward the preservation and restoration ofhistoric downtown districts that has been ever increasingfor more than 30 years, reached a landmark moment inOklahoma history as Governor Mary Fallin declaredOctober 16-22 “Main Street Week”.Poteau Main Street Matters, which is a part of theOklahoma Main Street Program, is one of many communitiesthroughout the state that are glad to see the proclamationby Fallin. Poteau Main Street (Dewey Avenue) willbe decorated with flowers throughout the week to helpsignify the beauty and life of the downtown district.PMSM began in 2005 after the OSMC accepted theirapplication and declared them a Main Street Community.Several people in the community such as Sherry Ballewand Randy Bridgman along with many others, workedendlessly to obtain the status of a MSC and after completingtwo applications for acceptance and receiving a denialletter twice, they wouldn’t give up. With one last effort,the original founders of PMSM tried the third time andsucceeded