Who got arrested?

The following people were booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center overnight. The information was gathered from the jail's daily roster and only shows booking information. Only those with a case number listed have been charged. Stay tuned each morning to see who was arrested overnight. CF — criminal felonyCM— criminal misdemeanorFD — family docket such as child supportFor more information about an arrestee, you can search by name or case number on www.ODCR.com or www.OSCN.net.Aug. 20Roxanne Gross, domestic abuse; $2,000 bondRobert Lann, public intoxication; $374 cash bondDavid Glenn Lann, disturbing the peace, public intoxication, littering; $910 cash bondNitah Balilli Gibson, driving under suspicion, defective vehicle = cash to Howe; $660 cash bondStephanie May Andrews, vagrancy, loitering, resisting; $782 cash bondNatalie Rae Carson, driving under influence; no bondAug. 21Dylan Blaine Sweeten, CM-13-189, RR-14-40, CF-2014-310; $12,451 cash bondNathan Andres Salcido, no drivers license, no insurance, obstructing, failure to yield to oncoming traffic; $1,082 cash bondErnie Lee McDaniel, CF-1999-00202; $575 cash bondNikita Beshars, CF-11-420; $901.68 cash bondDerrick Hetherington, CM-2012-602, CM-12-602; $1,331.00 cash bondThomas Millard, drug court sanction for four days; no bondAnthony Cole Faulkner, drug court sanction for four days; no bondMatthew Anthon Avery, drug court sanction for five days; no bond