Wister teams, individuals, as well as Singleton Elementary duo, place at State Archery Shoot

OKLAHOMA CITY — Last week, LeFlore County had great representation at the 2012 State Archery Shoot.Wister Public Schools had the majority of the participants at all three divisions — high school, junior high and elementary.In the high school division, Wister was eighth with 3,167 points. Last year's state champion, Colton Woolbright, finished fourth this year with 288 out of a possible 300 points.Tyler Gibson tied for 17th (279 points), Toby Roath tied for 22nd (276), Langston Upton tied for 48th (270), Billy Lowry tied for 51st (268), Justus Sisson tied for 55th (267), Colby Turnipseed tied for 80th (259), Brennon Burns tied for 82nd (258), Logan Warren tied for 95th (256), Cody Luman tied for 154th (238) and Caleb Hill tied for 179th (225).As for high school girls, Wister was paced by Candice Yochum, who tied for 23rd with 261 points. Katie Bullard, who received her lifetime hunting and fishing licence for her winning essay in the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's Essay Contest earlier this year, tied for 29th (259 points), Jessie Bullard tied for 39th (256), Gretta Hill was 83rd (226) and Paige Steichen tied for 92nd (218).The Wister Junior High School team was 23rd in the team standings with 2,901 points. As for Wildcats, Tanner Herrington had the highest finish, tying for 13th (273 points). Beto Johnson tied for 86th (255 points), Joseph Haag tied for 94th (252), Scotty Gibson tied for 103rd (250), J.P. Free and Adrian Gonzales tied for 127th (245), Wesley Wisdom tied for 133rd (244), Koby Midgley tied for 153rd (239), Matt Duschel tied for 165th (234), Seth Hill tied for 180th (226), Caleb Bailey tied for 199th (214) and Seth Shelton was 211th (199).Jordan Carver had the best finish for junior high girls for Wister as she was 109th with 231 points. Breanna Sumpter was 116th (227 points), Ayme Warren was 124th (222) and Alexis Miller was 218th (128).There were two elementary schools representing LeFlore County. Wister was 23rd (2,596 points) and Arkoma's Singleton Elementary School was 25th (466).Among elementary school boys, Wister's Jeffery Morris tied for 114th (244 points) to have the highest placing for the ’Cats. Dawson Restine tied for 192nd (226 points), Cody Cooper tied for 216th (217), Jack Duschel tied for 222nd (214), Ethan Lloyd tied for 234th (209), Sam Wemmerus was 240th (205), Stone Beathard tied for 247th (198), Tyler Word tied for 255th (189), Kaiden Jackson was 262nd (179) and Dylan Schafer was 264th (174).Seven shooters represented the county in the elementary girls division, with Singleton Elementary's Skyla Paul having the highest finish as she tied for 30th with 256 points. Wister's Cailey Yochum tied for 71st (239), Wister's Allison Stanley tied for 111th (216), Singleton Elementary's Madison O'Neal tied for 120th (210), Wister's Trisha Walden tied for 146th (186), Wister's Hannah Shadwick was 164th (154) and Wister's Allie Washburn was 165th (138).