Early voting began Thursday for voters in the special election in Wister. Both candidates and propositions are on the ballot this month.

Early voting locations are open from until 6 p.m. tonight (Friday). No excuse is needed to cast an in-person ("early") absentee ballot. Find your early voting location at https://hosting.okelections.us/earlyvote.html.

Sample ballots for the Sept. 14 election are available in the OK Voter Portal at https://okvoterportal.okelections.us/. (If you have a sample ballot available, you have an election.) The election list can be found at https://hosting.okelections.us/electionlist.html.

Please be prepared to show your valid identification when you arrive at your voting location. You will find a list of accepted forms of identity on the State Election Board website. If you do not have a valid ID available, do not leave your voting location. Ask a poll worker for a provisional ballot.

For more information, call the LeFlore County Election Board at (918) 647-3701 or (918) 647-4880.

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