Have you ever wondered what role the Choctaw people played in shaping Oklahoma?
Joseph R. Wolf, historic preservation department tribal liaison with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, will present the key roles they played in a special presentation at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Patrick Lynch Public Library.
Wolf will cover topics such as:
• Choctaws were the first tribe to walk on the Trail of Tears.
• In 1847, the Choctaws helped the Irish people during the potato famine.
• The Butterfield Stagecoach was the first mail route passing through Choctaw Nation.
• Many Choctaws fought to defend their territory during the Civil War.
• The first Native Americans to fight in World War I that became known as the Choctaw Code Talkers.
• Oklahoma was named by the Choctaw people.
• The Choctaw Nation is the third-largest tribe in the United States and is the second-largest tribe in Oklahoma.
This event is brought to you by the Poteau Valley Genealogical Society and is free to the public.

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