Four local members of Scout Troup 30, from left, Scout Leader P.J. Brown, Remington Reed, Ryan Tolleson and Wyatt King, along with two other scout leaders adn six other troup members, spent 12 days hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, N.M.

Photo Submitted by P.J. Brown/Scout Troup 30

Nine scouts, including three from Poteau — Remington Reed, Ryan Tolleson and Wyatt King — and three adult leaders came back this week from a 12-day hiking trip at Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, N.M. Reed was named the group’s “Wilderness Pledge Guide” to help make sure the group did not “damage” the surroundings, while King was named the “Chaplin-Aide” as he led daily devotions during the trip.

Scout Troop 30 Leader P.J. Brown said the daily hikes ranged from anywhere from 3.5 miles to an 11-mile hike on the final day.

“Everything we lived off of for those 12 days, we carried around on out back — from tents to sleeping bags to sleeping pads to clothing to food to our backpacking stoves and stool bottles, the whole nine yards,” he said.

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