A new house is being constructed amidst already existing residences on top of “the hill” at Wolf Ridge Estates and Country Club.

PDN photo by David Seeley

So many individuals and businesses suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and may still be dealing with issues of it to this day. Wolf Ridge Estates and Country Club seemingly wasn’t one of those entities.

“Quite honestly, we probably were one of the few businesses that it (pandemic) didn’t hurt,” Wolf Ridge Country Club, LLC Board President Marc Bovos said. “I think the reason was a lot of people were off of work and couldn’t go to work, so one thing they felt like they could do safely was go play golf. So, I think we actually had more rounds of golf played last year than we’ve had since 2013. I read nationwide where golf has an upward trend going on, so maybe that’s contributed to it some. It’s been very positive.”

Housing, too, didn’t seem to take a back seat to the pandemic.

“I don’t think we experienced a drop off in homes being built,” Bovos said.

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