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OPINION: Trump — What Americans can do

By Glenn Mollette



Donald Trump is our next president of the United States. It’s amazing what Americans can do. America elected him to be our 45th President.

The political establishment bashed him. Wall Street opposed him. Most of the prior Republican candidates opposed him. Mitt Romney opposed him.

Standing with Standing Rock

Yesterday thousands of people used the check in function on Facebook to check in to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota. This was to show support for the peaceful pipeline protestors who are being beaten and shot at by law enforcement. Did you participate in the mass check in? Do you think that more should be done to help the natives protect their water and burial grounds?

OPINION: If you think 'locker room talk' is OK, you're part of the problem

(This column is by Poteau Daily News Reporter Jenny Huggins. It was published in print Oct. 15, 2016.)

Just like the rest of the civilized world, I'm offended by Trump.

I could just leave it there because every single thing about him is offensive but I guess I'll elaborate on the one thing everyone is talking about, his statement about grabbing p----.

I know what Trump supporters say: "It's just locker room talk," "Guys say worse words all the time," "Don't be so sensitive."

LeFlore County reacts to debates

Foreign policy, Healthcare, immigration, emails and taxes were just a few topics that were covered in last nights presidential debate. Local residents were asked what they thought of the debate and who they thought won. There were opinions on both sides but most agreed that Trump had his best performance and that Hillary looked more presidential. Who do you think won and what topics did you find more interesting? What topics do you think they should have added?

To stand or not to stand?

A number of athletes are currently choosing to take a knee or not stand up for the National Anthem at sporting events.

The reasoning behind this is similar to the one Mohamed Ali gave for refusing the draft in Vietnam. Why support a country that hasn't supported me and people who look like me?

One step further, protesters are saying, "Why support a country who actively murders people like me, while I see no justice being served?

PDN looking for submissions of haunted LeFlore County locations

In the spirit of the upcoming fall and Halloween season, members of the Poteau Daily News staff are set to compile a list of area folklore and supernatural-prone locations known throughout the county with a request for submissions of locations from our readers.

The compilation, called LeFlore County's Most Haunted Locations, will likely publish near Halloween.

We are requesting submissions of known locations throughout the county, as well as local folklore, of all supernatural or strange kind. This does not include private residences.

Pokemon have taken over Poteau — have you joined in?

Pokemon Go, a new hit game developed by Niantic and published by The Pokemon Company, has overtaken the Poteau area.

Eric Standridge, Historic Downtown Poteau directer, said several spots in the downtown area are "Poke stops" for the popular location-based game.

Players explore the real world in their search for Pokemon stashed throughout Poteau, and across the entire United States.

"Stairway to Heaven" not stolen, jury rules Thursday

The opening riff of "Stairway to Heaven" was not stolen by Led Zeppelin a federal jury ruled on Thursday, the New York Times reported.

Two years ago, a suit was filed against the band over copyright regarding the song. The suit claimed Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and Robert plant stole parts of the song "Taurus" by the band Spirit released in 1968 for the beginning of "Stairway to Heaven," released in 1971.

What do you think? Do the songs sound similar enough for a copyright suit?

Assault weapon ban: What do you think?

After the Orlando, Fla., shooting at a gay club early Sunday morning left 49 people dead and another 53 injured, many people have begun calling for a ban on assault weapons.

A CBS News poll conducted after the shooting reportedly showed 57 percent of Americans favored a ban, an increase from a poll in December showing 44 percent did.

The poll also showed 38 percent oppose the legislation in comparison to 50 percent from the December poll.

Female James Bond? Internet talks "genderbending"

Genderbending is when a character traditionally known as one gender is transformed into another gender in media, such as movies or TV shows. The Internet has been a buzz lately on talks of transforming agent James Bond into a woman.

Some on the Internet have called for a female Bond to increase female lead representation in media. Do you agree that the next Bond should be female, or should movies stick to the agent's traditional gender?