Hey, everyone. With Jody Ray Adams having retired as our outdoors columnist, I’m writing the outdoors columns for the foreseeable future.

I may not have possess the same outward silliness as him, may have caught roughly 99,999 fewer fish in my life and may not have hauled anything through the snow, but I have mastered trail running and have proven my ability to pitch a tent in five minutes.

I’m committed to having the LeFlore County Bass Club results in here after he steps away from LCBC coordinating in October.

I'm calling the outdoors column the Man of the Woods Experience.

Always feel free to send me your hunting or fishing photos or other outdoors achievements by emailing sports@poteaudailynews.com.

Fishing results

The results from Sunday's LCBC tournament are in Thursday's paper. Unfortunately, we were only able to fit one photo with the results in the caption below it. Congratulations to winners Bob and Robert Rankin and big bass winner Cody Ramsey (who apparently beat Sean Morrison by less than 0.01 pounds).

Check out the additional photos from the tournament above.

The next tournament is June 5 at Pine Creek Lake. Click here to see the remaining schedule.

Burning tendon, Hotfoot

Anyone who knows my injury history would have said it was a bad idea to go ahead and run the Firefighter Hotfoot 5K along the Arkansas River in Fort Smith, Ark, on Saturday when I got out of my car and felt terrible soreness in my left Achilles tendon.

I stretched out my calves and was just barely warmed up when I realized the race was starting.

Really, I thought the race director said they would start the 10K and 5K separately after they started the 15K.

Also, I didn’t think he was serious when he said the 15K would start with an explosion, yet there it went. No sirens followed, which must have meant all Fort Smith authorities were aware of the thunderous boom that sounded. I was on the other side of the pavilion in case I had to protect my ears.

Because I reacted late to the start, I began in back and passed many people in the 133 runners (between the 5K and 10K) before hitting my stride around the one-mile mark. I ended up seventh and in a fair amount of pain, but comforted by having Poteau cross-country/girls soccer coach Tommy Brennan cheering me on as I turned toward the finish. Brennan was in third about four minutes ahead of me in 19:29.47.

I also saw Cade Weatherton, the Arkoma High School/Carl Albert State College graduate who will be running cross-country for the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. He was second in the 10K in 44:15.81.

Forward motion

I wanted to dedicate part of this column in appreciation of Jody Ray Adams. He’s a unique character who has great dad humor and tells amazing stories.

I always took a bit to process the stories he told because they were so wild.

A few times, he would come in here and say, “I don’t know what to write.” Last year, it was hard because the COVID-19 pandemic forced rescheduling of LCBC tournaments.

Two of those weeks produced the some of the most magical columns — the one about Brad Hall falling in a lake going after a huge fish and ripping half the skin off his face, which was hilarious, and the one about fishing with his son, Jacques, as Jacques grew up, which was beautiful.

Since he handwrote his columns, the constraints of newspaper editing took some of the whimsy out of his writing. Still, they retained his personality.

I wouldn’t want to replicate his style, but only use my own personality in this space like with my other columns.

Be kind. Recycle. Find me a trail. Have a great weekend.

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