AA 20th Cent Club Student Assistance

A small group of 20 women, the Twentieth Century Club members in Antlers, quietly take on projects to assist citizens of Antlers in a variety of ways. This community service club has been in existence since 1938 and several of the members had mothers who were members and now carry on the work started many years ago with a variety of service projects.

Recently, the members contributed sanitary and hygiene products for use by female students in the middle and high school in Antlers and made a large donation of those products. Club President, Jennifer McNutt said “They were very appreciative—5 boxes FULL. We have such an awesome generous group of ladies in this club.” One of the focus areas of the club is Health and Wellness and it follows along with the guidelines set forth by the Greater Federated Womens’ Clubs, the International organization that the Antlers Club is a part.

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